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Updated: AttacksimWorking on: Makeing it uptodate

With this tool you can calculate the information about it faster. And it is so easy.

There is just same steps you need to do:
  1. Copy the Epsionagerepport* you have got from a epionage.
  2. Paste it in to the white textbox below
  3. Choose on which server you are playing.
    For Example: I'm playing on Universe 21 on (Choose
  4. When click on the botton Espionagereport. And you will see information you didn't know you can get from that report.
  5. When you can send the info to the attack simulator. So you can simulate an attack at the planet.
* - This report handler can just handle Espionagerepports. But in the future it will handle all the reports you can get inte the game.


* - If you server is not available. Email us a copy of a espionage report you got. Then we can fix so it works for you to.
   // Email:

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