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v 0.7

Updated: AttacksimWorking on: Makeing it uptodate
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v 0.7
  • An Attack simulator has been added. Helping you to get a result of an attack before you do it in game. It will make you the uppertunity to test many diffirent attack to one planet without loseing any ships unnecessarily. This attack simulator givs you a fine overview so you can easy see if the attack gose well or not without checking all the results values. By haveing a highlighting on all the values you can easy see what is good or bad for you and the defender.
  • An Espionage report processor makes it easy for you too calculate plunder or see how big the defenders fleet and/or defence is. It help you easier to atach the information in to the Attack simulator. Makes you saveing time if you are in the hurry to came up with a result. Useing the report processor helps alot in the game and makes all the raiding easier and faster.
  • A news table on the homepage is added.
  • A status bar for the site under the loadplanet function. So its easy for you to see what I'm working on and what is updated.
  • Info about the technologys are added. But the list like the building list is not finish yet. So the Technology sektion is still under construction.
Bug fixing:
  • Some calculation bugs in the attacksimulator is fixed so the results is right.
  • A bug in the Espionage report processor that makes it impossible to read many things is fixed.
  • The saveing bug in my page is fixed. So you are able to save info about more planets.
  • Some wrong spelling is fixed. But it can be more on the page I haven't seen yet.
  • Some small fixing with the design so the site dosn't look terrible in firefox. But I will fix more on that when all the tools are finish. I have a higher priority on that.
    v 0.6
    • Total calculation for all viewing levels of buildings.
    • A new function "My page". There you can save information about your own player. You save your information about your buildings, technologys, ships, defence and more other info. All the information saves in cookies on your on computer so nothing can be seen by other players. This function make it easier and faster for you to handle many of the other functions in Calculator for OGame.
    • More info about buildings in the building list, you can now easily see how much you pay for the production. You now also see how many points you will have if you build a building.
    • Make so the value of resorses or numbers are easier to see. (Ex. 10.342,45)
    Bug fixing:
    • Fixed wrong calculation in the storage(s) lists for metal, crystal and deuterium.
    • Fixed so the Energy % use for deuterium works. Later the % chooser for metal switched both metal and deuterium energy use.
      v 0.5
      • A more intelligent system on Calc resources. (no finish)
      • Buildings are linked with technologys.
      • Technologys is available, but info about levels is unavailable.
      • An attack simulator is started but not available in this version
      • A report translator function is working but are under process. This function translate the report so you can see much more information. At the time only Espionagereport can be translated.
      Bug fixing:
      • Wrong calculation in "Calc resouces" with the production faktor.
        v 0.4
        • All buildings exists in the Building detailed list. And the style of viewing the information is updated.
        • A more advanced Resource calculator. Where you can calculate all kinds of resource at the same time. And you can sett the calculator so it will calculate as your on player.
        • The building information list is connected to the advanced resource calculate so you can click on a building and level and the calculator only needs your information about your resources and then it will show you when you can build.
        • New information for Buildings. Like what your must have to build level 1 of the building or what you can build after a level.
        • Info about more buildings.
        • Even more info about the buildings. Now The site have knowlage information about the buildings in the database.
        • Information list for bulidings.
        • Some fixing in the design
        • The help page and function.
        • Fast simple calculator to calculate the time it will take to get a specific number of resources.
        • The design and structure for the site.

        Future: What will come on the page?!
        If you have any ideas tell me. And you know who I'm.
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