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Important info about this tool
This tool can you use to save info about yourself, your planets and stuff. Why? Because the info you save here uses many of the other tools. This way makes you just need to type the info once and then all the other tools knows your info. And that shorts the useing time for you to use them, and make it more simple.
This info is saved in a cookie file on your computer so none of this information saves on any database or in no other way on the internet. So the info you are typeing in is only in use by your computer that have's the cookie file. So remeber if you earse you cookies often this all the info will be deleted every time. but this is the safeist way for you so the info is not spreding on the ineternet.
General player info
General info about planet
Planet Name
Planet coordinate::
Min temp
Max temp
My Buildings
Metal mine:
Crystal mine:
Deuterium Syntheesizer:
Solar Plant:
Fusion Reactor:
Robotic Factory:
Nanite Factory:
Metal Storage:
Crystal Storage:
Deuterium Tank:
Research Lab:
Missile Silo:
Alliance Depot:
Lunar Base:
Sensor Phalanx:
Jump Gate:
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My Technologys
Espionage Technology:
Computer Technology:
Weapon Technology:
Shield Technology:
Armor Technology:
Energy Technology:
Hyperspace Technology:
Combustion Engine:
Impulse Engine:
Hyperspace Engine:
Laser Technology:
Ion Technology:
Plasma Technology:
Intergalactic Research Network:
Graviton Technology:
My Defence
Construct nameNumber
Rocket Launcher:
Small Laser:
Heavy Laser:
Construst nameNumber
Heavy Laser:
Ion Cannon:
Gauss Cannon:
Construct nameNumber
Plasma Turrent:
Small Shield Dome:
Large Shield Dome:
My Fleets
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